The Chair

Pepa Torre


Spanish. Arrived in New Zealand in 2007.
Entrepreneur, director, and administrator of PTS Foto Fun since 2008. Marketing and Social Media Strategist. Content creator. Story-teller. Designer. Artist, experienced in mixed-media art exhibitions. Cultural performer.
I joined the WHL in 2016, at first through the Flamenco Dance Workshop that I run, where we have been performing all around Hamilton for 4 years now. I have been a member of the board since 2018. I am very committed to implementing the infrastructure of this group so more of us can get to participate and enjoy this kind of family away from our families.
I am a person with a passion for people and cultures which I fed by surrounding myself with all kinds of individuals from any corner of the world, at work, living together, or creating and developing cultural activities. I strongly believe in the need for meaningful human relationships, I have been studying them and challenging the way we approach each other through art and stories since I was very young. Recently, I graduated from the Flourish Program for Ethnic Women Leadership.